My new WordPress site!


WordPress is incredibly easy to install using DreamHost

Weebly is great, but I finally bought myself some hosting! I’ve spent many of the past 48 hours trying to learn how to use WordPress and figure out how I want to organize my sites.

I’m continuing to use Weebly right now for my Presidential Global Scholars study abroad site, but will use WordPress as my primary homepage from here on out. My old one is still available, but once I’ve configured WP how I want it I’ll end up deleting that site.

If you’re considering doing something similar, I HIGHLY recommend DreamHost for hosting; their live chat customer support has been phenomenal and the price is very fair if you use one of many promo codes available (I think I used something like “THEFULL97” and ended up paying $23 for a year.) Also, you get a free domain registered with them for as long as you use them. One more thing I wish I had seen before I signed up: Tentblogger has a deal where you can get an extra domain for free! Can’t get much better than that. (Okay, I’m done with my DreamHost infomercial.)

I’m not gonna lie – getting started was (and is!) pretty darn confusing. However, in addition to WordPress’s incredibly helpful online guide, there are plenty of sites like Tentblogger that have guides for launching a WordPress site if you look for them.

I’m looking forward to finally learning all there is to learn (well… a good amount, anyway) about running my own website, but I know it will take a good long while. In the meantime, if you see errors or find broken links feel free to let me know!

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  1. congrats on the move!

    • Thanks! And thanks also for the helpful WordPress guide and other resources! I can’t see myself as a professional blogger in the future, but your site is a great resource for however far I do end up taking it.


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