To blog… or not to blog?



Since blogging took the world by storm a few years ago, I have enjoyed reading different people’s opinions, rants, and about their experiences. When family and friends have traveled abroad, I have been able to know what’s going on with them, see their pictures from all over the world, and send them my best simply by commenting. Blogs are often a lifesaver when looking for in-depth reviews for products that go beyond the typical Amazon feedback. Blogs can draw attention to political/social issues, and even cause YouTube videos to go viral. While I don’t follow any specific blogs religiously, there is undoubtedly a place and purpose for them.

Many people who blog just write about whatever they want… like a journal that anyone in the world can read. This has never made much sense to me, but then again I’m also the kid who used to cry about having to write a paper in 2nd grade (and I haven’t gotten much better since then.) Besides not having a love for writing, I’m not the most expressive person. Not that I don’t like sharing my opinions, perspectives, or experiences when asked; I just think blogging is like sharing your opinions when nobody asked for it. (So unless you know your opinion is worth sharing… why share it?)

At this point you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief at how much of a hypocrite I am. Well believe me, so am I. As I point out on the homepage (at the time of writing, at least), my main purpose for building this website was curiosity. I have always had a curiosity for all things technical, and creating a website was the one thing that I had never gotten a chance to try. Now that I have my own domain and a somewhat operational website, I am facing the challenge I have avoided facing until now: I created a platform to publish something, but I have nothing to publish.



This summer I have learned a lot about how websites work, but now I’ve hit a brick wall with my website venture with only three options. I can take down the website and call it a successful learning experience; leave the website half-developed with a nice picture of me, a soon-to-be-outdated resume, and a link to my RSAP (Rising Sophomore Abroad Program) website; or I can create content to publish so there is actually a purpose.

I would like to give the third option a shot, but I don’t know exactly what content to create. A blog is the obvious choice, but I have issues deciding what to blog about. There are hundreds (at least!) of tech blogs, and only having a casual interest in all things technical I have nothing to offer there. I could blog about politics, but I find that most political discussions on the internet turn into emotional, closed-minded firestorms that few benefit from – I also don’t want my political views to define my online identity. I could blog about my life, but as I mentioned before I’m not very expressive in writing (usually), and since I doubt anyone cares about what I did this week it would seem kind of pointless. So now I wonder…

To blog, or not to blog…? That is the question.

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