Spring Break in Morocco!


… this study abroad program is full of surprises, and that tweet pretty much says it all. Never in my life would I have suspected I would be spending spring break of my sophomore year in Morocco. Perhaps with some luck, I would have spent it working a decent paying job or on a road trip to New York – but Morocco? I never saw that one coming.

I think my plans for those four days paint a decent picture of the rest of the program in my mind. Although I have always hoped to study abroad for an entire semester (especially after my two-week trip to Europe with the Rising Sophomore Abroad Program), I always assumed the experience would be focused on my major and take place in a single city/country. Luckily, I was dead wrong.

This semester is all about me developing perspective, and in some ways I already have. Learning how to communicate with the people around me and coming to appreciate my surroundings has been eye-opening – and that’s after only traveling within Switzerland. Traveling to the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Germany, Morocco, and Italy in coming weeks will certainly challenge and push me more than ever.

I’ve heard some great things about Morocco and seen some beautiful pictures, and I am looking forward to witnessing it firsthand. Here’s hoping that Austin Larrowe and I can stay smart and stay safe, and that we will come back with a greater perspective on the world and full health!

We will fly into Marrakech on February 9th (less than a week away!), and over the next couple days we’ll make our way up through the country and eventually take the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar into Spain. We’ll fly out of Seville, Spain on the 13th, but after one day in Milan we’re flying to Athens where we will be with the entire group until the on the 19th.

I’m trying to find the best way to display photo galleries in WordPress, but be sure to check back soon after then to see my pictures from Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco, Spain, and Greece!

EDIT [4/22/2012]: Check out my photo journal about my first day in Morocco here!

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  1. Tyler

     /  February 5, 2012

    I think this is awesome! I love how the unexpected occurs for us almost daily. Partly because of this and StumbleUpon.com, I think that I am going to go to Istanbul, Turkey after this program ends (if I have the money of course).

    • That would be awesome! It sounds like J.J. and Wes had an awesome time there, so you should definitely talk to them about it if you’re serious about doing it. I know Morocco was an amazing and unique experience (far different than anything I’ve ever experienced) and I’m sure Istanbul will be the same!

  2. Excellent choice! Marrakech is vibrant, particularly the enormous market and old town – make sure to do some shopping (whether you buy something or not isn’t the point, but leather, mint green tea, carpets, and cloth are good deals down there) and eat at one of the stalls on the square. And I never felt unsafe. We didn’t go north from there, so no tips on that trip…

    Tyler, if you can make Istanbul, do. In terms of stuff to be bought, it’s similar to Marrakech, minus leather, plus meerschaum pipes, gold, and counterfeit sportswear… but mostly there’s an incredible history still palpable today. We flew in with easyjet and stayed at the Antique Hostel, which works great if you’re young and don’t need a lot of sleep.

    • It was a great choice, and probably my most memorable travel experience so far! I’ve been busy traveling to Greece and the Netherlands since that trip, but I hope to post about it very soon! (I also need to figure out a better way to mass-upload pictures, cause I’m having some issues with the plugin I’m using now.)

  3. John

     /  March 9, 2012

    Can’t wait to read reflections on the past four weeks!!

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