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Takeaways From a Week in Naples

I had a great time in Naples and enjoyed everything about it – eating copious amounts of pizza, exploring the city with my friends, seeing the landmarks, learning about volcanic activity and the history of the surrounding areas, and  experiencing the culture at every turn. What I enjoyed most, however, was the same aspect of […]

Spring Break in Morocco!

Well… Never saw myself spending spring break in Morocco with @Alarrowe. So pumped for this once in a lifetime opportunity! — Michael Morrison (@VTmorrison) February 1, 2012 … this study abroad program is full of surprises, and that tweet pretty much says it all. Never in my life would I have suspected I would […]

Absorption: The challenge of continuous travel

The last week has been hectic, to say the least. In under 100 hours (starting last Wednesday) I had hugged my mom and sister goodbye in Virginia; learned 1000+ years’ worth of Dublin’s history on a walking tour; flown to Zurich, Switzerland and met up with friends; taken the train to Riva San Vitale, Switzerland; […]

Back to Europe!

Ever since I left Europe, I have fantasized about going back. Something (everything) about it fascinated me, and six months later I remember hiking along the Swiss Alps as if it was yesterday. I never dreamed that my chance to return to Riva San Vitale would come so soon. When I had the opportunity to […]