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Advice for Students Studying Abroad (Or Planning To)

I have several friends studying abroad next semester, and I’m equal parts jealous and excited. I’m excited because I plan to live vicariously through their adventures, and I’m excited because I know they’re all going to have the time of their lives. I’ve given a couple of them some tips – especially those participating in the […]

Leave So That You May Return

A few weeks ago, before leaving the villa in Riva San Vitale, I wrote a post about what I thought I had learned during my semester abroad. I came up with the post after looking at my list of goals for the semester that I had written back in October, and thinking about which of […]

Kronor, Kune, and Dirhams: Lessons from a semester of travel

I have had the exceptional opportunity of visiting 15 countries over the past four months, and I have become infinitely more comfortable exploring foreign cultures, practicing nonverbal communication, and constantly converting currencies in my head. As I reflect on what I’ve gained from this semester, I have realized that the most important lessons I have learned have come […]

Photo Journal: Second day in Morocco

I was barely able to sum up my first day in Morocco in just 14 pictures in my last post, so I decided to show a bit more in this one.

Photo Journal: First day in Morocco

I was browsing through the list of PGS student blogs, and I across Tyler’s recent post that depicts Riva San Vitale and the surrounding area through photos. I realized that I have barely posted any pictures to my blog, which is a complete injustice to any readers considering the amount of places I’ve visited. I’ve […]