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Photo Journal: First day in Morocco

I was browsing through the list of PGS student blogs, and I across Tyler’s recent post that depicts Riva San Vitale and the surrounding area through photos. I realized that I have barely posted any pictures to my blog, which is a complete injustice to any readers considering the amount of places I’ve visited. I’ve […]

The World’s Listserve

Today my friend Wes directed me to a new project/website: The Listserve. The video on its website further explains what the header states pretty simply: This is an e-mail lottery. One person a day wins a chance to write to the growing list of subscribers. It could be you. The introductory video interviews several people, […]

Takeaways From a Week in Naples

I had a great time in Naples and enjoyed everything about it – eating copious amounts of pizza, exploring the city with my friends, seeing the landmarks, learning about volcanic activity and the history of the surrounding areas, and  experiencing the culture at every turn. What I enjoyed most, however, was the same aspect of […]

Actively Caring for People: A bracelet to live by

About a year ago, I heard Justin Graves (a fellow student at Virginia Tech) explaining Actively Caring for People, a movement with a pay-it-forward philosophy urging people to show and appreciate kindness every day. As I understand it, it works by encouraging people to give green wristbands to people who are kind in ways that […]

Spring Break in Morocco!

Well… Never saw myself spending spring break in Morocco with @Alarrowe. So pumped for this once in a lifetime opportunity! — Michael Morrison (@VTmorrison) February 1, 2012 … this study abroad program is full of surprises, and that tweet pretty much says it all. Never in my life would I have suspected I would […]