Back to Europe!

Ever since I left Europe, I have fantasized about going back. Something (everything) about it fascinated me, and six months later I remember hiking along the Swiss Alps as if it was yesterday. I never dreamed that my chance to return to Riva San Vitale would come so soon.

When I had the opportunity to apply for Virginia Tech’s new study abroad program put together by University Honors called Presidential Global Scholars, I was somewhat hesitant. It would delay my graduation, cost more than a semester at Tech, and I couldn’t quite identify what I would gain from it – although I knew it would be an unforgettable experience.

I asked friends, talked to my parents, and even posted a discussion thread on LinkedIn’s Virginia Tech Alumni group asking what people thought about the opportunity. To make a long story short, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all sides, applied, got accepted, and will be flying out on January 12th!

It seems that my previous question of whether to blog (and what to blog about) has been answered for me, as regular blogging is a requirement of the program. I’ll be blogging right here on this site, so free to check back to see where I will be, read my blog, and see some pictures!

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