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Lugano: First Impressions

Yesterday morning we all crowded onto the train in Riva San Vitale to visit  Lugano, and upon stepping off just 20 minutes later we found ourselves facing yet another incredible view of Lake Lugano overshadowed by the majestic Swiss Alps. Soon after leaving the train station we found ourselves in front of the Cathedral of Saint […]

Absorption: The challenge of continuous travel

The last week has been hectic, to say the least. In under 100 hours (starting last Wednesday) I had hugged my mom and sister goodbye in Virginia; learned 1000+ years’ worth of Dublin’s history on a walking tour; flown to Zurich, Switzerland and met up with friends; taken the train to Riva San Vitale, Switzerland; […]

About Presidential Global Scholars

I’m studying in Switzerland as a part of Virginia Tech’s brand new Presidential Global Scholars program, which is being put on through University Honors. While more (and updated) information can be found on its official page, the program’s mission speaks for itself: “It is designed for ambitious Honors students who seek to reflect on their place in […]