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Confessions of a Best Buy Squatter

Have you ever driven past stores on Thanksgiving Day and thought about how crazy people are for camping out a day or two ahead of time just for Black Friday sales? I know I have. Yesterday, however, I was one of them. After a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my family, I headed over to Best […]

Back to Europe!

Ever since I left Europe, I have fantasized about going back. Something (everything) about it fascinated me, and six months later I remember hiking along the Swiss Alps as if it was yesterday. I never dreamed that my chance to return to Riva San Vitale would come so soon. When I had the opportunity to […]

Breaking Out of the American Bubble

While reading USA Today’s article about whether American students truly get out of their comfort zone during study abroad trips, several things stuck out to me. First, I was again struck by the fact that I am extremely privileged to be going back to Europe this spring. The author observed that more and more students are studying […]